HQProp DP 5.1x4.1x3 Durable PC Propeller - Light Red


New Racing Prop by HQProps. 5.1x4.1x3 with POPO design. (2 x CW + 2 x CCW).

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Manufacturer HQProp
Color Light Red
Weight 4.9g
Material PC
Propeller Diameter 5.1"
Propeller Pitch 4.1"
Rotorblades 3
Set of CW+CCW

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HQProp have released a new version of a POPO propeller in a 5.1x4.1x3 sized prop. Following their popular V1S propeller design, this prop checks all the marks of power, efficiency, responsiveness, and durability.


The standout feature of this prop is the adaption to Lumenier's POPO system. The hub of these props has three dimples for POPO motors to socket into, giving you the ability to change props on the fly with POPO compatible motors without having to change a prop nut.


This doesn't mean you can't use this prop with normal motors, they still work perfectly with normal motors and prop nuts.


HQProp is known for its well balanced props made out of durable material, with high efficiency and high manufacturing quality.



  • Size: 5141x3
  • Material: Polycarbonat
  • Hub: 5mm (ID), 7mm (Thickness)


Shipping Contents

  • 2 x HQProp 5.1x4.1x3 Durable PC CW - Light Red
  • 2 x HQProp 5.1x4.1x3 Durable PC CCW - Light Red

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