About us

The team behind FPVracing.ch

FPVracing.ch was founded in 2014 by Marin Primorac and Daniel Thaler. Our goal is to pass on our passion for FPV racing. To steer a quadcopter from a first person view (FPV), i.e. the "pilot's" view, gets you closer to the feeling of flying than any other hobby - except for real flying. The only difference is that a FPV flight is an affordable and risk-free hobby - provided that the code of conduct of a quadpilot is observed.

Our online shop

In our online shop, we only sell number-one brands which we have carefully and lovingly selected. We specialize in powerful multicopters which are suitable for both racing and leisurely flights on a Sunday afternoon. Our product range includes all parts and accessories that are needed to assemble and maintain a multicopter. We also offer valuable information and a well structured catalog which help you get started with FPV Racing.

We offer the following advantages:

  • A hand-picked and wide product range.
  • Valuable and detailed information.
  • An excellent customer service
  • A strong involvement in the community

FPV racing / Drone racing - a new trend conquers Switzerland

The FPV racing / Drone racing trend is gaining importance. Technological advances have led to more powerful and affordable multicopters that have enough load-bearing capacity to be equipped with the necessary equipment for FPV flying.

It was not long before multicopter pilots started showing their flying skills in so-called FPV races. These pilots compete with self-assembled multicopters on secured racetracks in order to measure their flying skills against those of other pilots. The thrill of speed - paired with skillful maneuvers and the feeling of flying - is an unforgettable experience.

Our goal is to make this trend accessible in Switzerland. Driven by our passion, FPV Racing is more than a hobby to us.


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FPV Sports GmbH 
Limmatstrasse 2
CH - 8957 Spreitenbach
+41 (0)56 558 76 88