Gemfan 5149-3 Flash Series Propeller - Orange


Gemfan joins the POPO crew with their latest high-speed prop, the 5149. This propeller has tons of thrust, even in the low end.

(2 x CW + 2 x CCW).

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Manufacturer Gemfan
Color Orange
Weight 4.65g
Material Glass Fiber, PC
Propeller Diameter 5.1"
Propeller Pitch 4.9"
Rotorblades 3
Set of CW+CCW

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The latest iteration of high-speed racing props from Gemfan could be your next go-to prop in your bag. These props come in weighing 4.6g each, rather light considering their extended paddle to grip the air. This reduced weight reduces the spinup time of your motors giving you quicker and more agile movements in the air, even at lower speeds. This prop shares the inverse tip design with other Gemfan propellers which are designed to reduce wingtip vortices that reduce efficiency.


They are super durable and maintain form at high RPM which helps with high-speed maneuvers and punchouts.


The standout feature of this prop is the adaption to Lumenier's POPO system. The hub of these props has three dimples for POPO motors to socket into, giving you the ability to change props on the fly with POPO compatible motors without having to change a prop nut.


This doesn't mean you can't use this prop with normal motors, they still work perfectly with normal motors and prop nuts.



  • Durable Blades made of dash-and-bending-resistant polycarbonate material for best efficiency and durability
  • Inverse blade tip design to enhance lift and reduce drag
  • Light blade for fast response
  • POPO Compatibility



  • Size: 5149x3
  • Color: Orange
  • Material: Polycarbonate
  • Weight: 4.65g
  • Hub: 5mm (ID), 7mm (Hub Thickness)


Delivery Contents

  • 2 x Gemfan 5149-3 Flash CW - Orange
  • 2 x Gemfan 5149-3 Flash CCW - Orange

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