Gemfan 5152-S-3 Flash Series - Yellow


The new and more durable version of the popular Flash propeller. Designed for high-speed racing.

(2 x CW + 2 x CCW).

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Manufacturer Gemfan
Color Yellow
Material Glass Fiber, PC
Propeller Diameter 5"
Propeller Pitch 5"
Rotorblades 3
Set of CW+CCW

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This is the new "S" version of the popular Flash propeller. The shape and airfoil are the exact same but the material was slightly changed to make the propeller more durable. With this improvement the propeller will endure more crashes and hits.


Combining market trend and simulated calculation of FLUENT, Gemfan designers use three dimension modeling software CATIA to design 5152 airfoil and blade style.


The most adaptive and matching propeller airfoil and style with motor is a combined result of data iterative analysis on prop surface pressure and speed rate, airfoil curve and thickness adjustment, 2D airfoil optimization, lift force, resistance, torque of 3D model.


5152 high speed propeller perfectly matches motor 2205-2206. The slight but effective improvements can lead to very different result at the race.



  • Durable Blades made of dash-and-bending-resistant polycarbonate material for best efficiency and durability
  • Inverse blade tip design to enhance lift and reduce drag
  • Light blade for fast response



  • Size: 5152x3
  • Color: Yellow
  • Material: Polycarbonate
  • Weight: 4.9g
  • Hub: 5mm (ID), 9mm (OD), 7.5mm (Thickness)


Shipping Contents

  • 2 x Gemfan 5152-S-3 Flash Series CW - Yellow
  • 2 x Gemfan 5152-S-3 Flash Series CCW - Yellow

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