XNOVA Lightning 2208 1700Kv V2N (Set of 4)


The new Lightning 2208 V2N with improved power, efficiency and durability. 

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Data sheet

Manufacturer Xnova
Type Complete
Weight 37.3g
Motor diameter 27.3mm
Motor length 20.4mm
Suitable propeller 5", 6", 7"
KV 1700
Stator Diameter 22mm
Stator Height 08mm
Input Voltage 4S, 5S, 6S
Magnet Pole Configuration 12N14P
Shaft Diameter 5mm
Hollow Shaft Yes
Cable Length 120mm
Bell Retaining C-Clip
Mounting Holes M3 16x16mm

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The new Lightning 2208 V2N with improved power, efficiency and durability. 

This is the 1700Kv version for Long Range flights or 6S racing.


On the top side, there are spikes which dramatically reduce the risk of getting a loose propeller when hitting something like a tree. This can be an absolute lifesaver when hitting a tree on top of the mountain when doing long-range flights. 



  • V2N Version with Naked Bottom
  • High performance and finest CNC quality
  • Spikes to secure the propeller
  • Ultimate efficiency
  • Low cogging torque and smooth running
  • Precisely balanced and fully tested
  • Designed for hardcore racing performance
  • Hollow Titanium Shaft


Shipping Contents

  • 4 x XNOVA Lightning 2208 1700Kv V2N
  • 4 x Lock Nut
  • 16 x Motor Screw M3x7mm
  • 16 x Motor Screw M3x5mm
  • 16 x Washer

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