EMAX LS2207 2400KV


The new Lite Spec Series from EMAX - 2207 2400KV high performance motor

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Data sheet

Manufacturer EMAX
Type Complete
Label LS2207
Weight 30g
Cell configuration 3S, 5S, 4S
Motor diameter 27.5mm
Motor length 31.2mm
KV 2400
Configuration 12N14P

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Introducing the new LS (Lite Spec) line of motors. After countless amounts of research, EMAX set out to make a motor line that meets the demands of every pilot. From racing to freestyle, EMAX managed to combine such demands into one motor that can cover all fronts by reducing the weight while keeping the durability and performance in check.


Finding the balance of power and efficiency to keep you flying for longer, the LS series will give you the power you need. There is no single KV and motor size to meet the demands of every pilot, therefore this series offers two different sizes in 2206 & 2207 with a large KV range to meet your needs as a pilot.



  • NSK high-efficiency bearings
  • 0.15mm silicon steel laminations
  • Aluminum shaft with hardened steel core
  • 1.8mm N48SH ARC Magnets
  • Screw capture for bell. Easy to service
  • Stealth black anodized colour, with silver bevelled edges
  • 16mm x 16mm mounting holes ( 19x16 is the past) future frames don't need to have slotted mounting holes.
  • 120mm 18AWG wire. Testing has shown a 5% increase in performance with thicker gauged wire, compared to 20AWG
  • wire
  • New bell design with upper and lower beam support to reduce damage from the collapse of impacts.



  • Model: LS2207
  • KV: 2400
  • Weight: 30g (without wires)
  • Stator Height: 6mm
  • Configuration: 12N14P
  • Motor Diameter: 27.5mm
  • Motor Height: 31.2mm
  • Prop Adapter Shaft Thread: M5
  • Input Voltage: 3S-5S


Shipping Contents

  • 1 x EMAX LS2207 2400KV

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