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TBS EventTracker


The next step in race timing systems. With +/- 10ms accuracy and up to 8 racers at once, the TBS EventTracker will take the ambiguity out of drone racing.

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The TBS EventTracker is the first and only race management system that combines state-of-the-art transponderless lap timing hardware with a full suite of event management software. It is the perfect tool for anyone running a drone racing event (or multiple events) of 30-40 pilots or more.


With less than 5 minutes of setup time the system will not drag you down. A tiny box placed next to a gate, a battery and one ethernet cable back into the timing tent, is all that's needed. Pilots can tune into the laptimes via Wifi, or you can bring a TV/Laptop/tablet to the flying field for pilots to review their laptimes.


Using over 2 years of on-site testing, the detection algorithms have been perfected to support most video transmitters (yes, all the popular ones!). TBS has simplified the system so that pilots will not need to change their VTx channels until the knock-out rounds, giving you the best throughput possible. With groundbreaking accuracy, self-learning VTX-detection algorithms and real-time monitoring of all critical parameters, you are in control of lap timing! The solution has been the #1 choice for the Drone Worlds in Hawaii, 2016. It is the official timing system of all KT (South Korea) events. It was also used as redundancy in the MultiGP Nats 2016, and has run over half a dozen "Nationals" events all around the globe, and around 20 additional local events with 50+ Pilots. 



A one-time package that can run as many events as you'd like. No monthly fees for software. No additional hardware costs. In comparison to other systems on the market, you won't need to buy any transponders. The entire pilot's registration fee goes into running your event, not into hardware that breaks constantly. And if something breaks, TBS will send you a new hardware for the cost of shipping! Are your events profitable already, or are you still left out of pocket?



As an event manager, every race is an investment. TBS recognizes this fact, and helps you to sleep with a smile on your face. You break the box, TBS replacer it! For a full year after purchase. Just ship it back to TBS and we'll send you a new one right away. All you pay for is shipping! This is how we go above and beyond, and offer what no other company will offer you for any timing software.



Full access to the MultiGP site to download the entire race setup and then upload results after the race. Run your chapters and the entire race through a single box and become the boss of your own race-organization empire. We ran as a backup of the MultiGP Nats and timed all the laptimes successfully, the timing system handled all of the rules natively!



Built into the box is green-screen generator with live data overlay for pilot times and race position (4 and 8 pilots supported currently). There is also a separate split-time box available, so you can place multiple trackers around your track and have the race stats updated on the fly, for a kick-ass livestream experience! All of this easily configurable with any streaming solution that can stream a computer screen or URL with transparency overlays!





  • Weight: 460g
  • Dimensions: 180mm x 46mm x 120mm
  • Water-Tolerant
  • Accuracy: 20ms
  • AC Power: 110 - 240V
  • DC Power: 2S - 6S
  • Power Consumption: 14W (8 hours on 10Ah 3S)
  • 5.8GHz timing: 5200MHz - 5999MHz (Analog & Connex on fixed channel)
  • Detection Range: Up to 50m (Compatible with wing races)
  • Communication: Ethernet
  • Max racers: 8
  • Race formats: Time-based or point-based qualification, Tournament style, Double-elimination. Over 50 different combinations possible. Qualification, Elimination and Finals each with their own race rules configurable.
  • Free software updates: 1 year
  • "You break it we replace it"-warranty: 1 year
  • Store up to 800,000 racers' profiles 


Package Contents

  • 1 x TBS Event Tracker
  • 1 x Wifi-Router and ethernet switch
  • 1 x Wall socket cable EU / USA
  • 1 x 50m Ethernet Cable (from gate to timing tent)
  • 1 x 3m Ethernet Cable (from timing tent to timing PC)
  • 1 x USB-to-Ethernet adapter
  • 1 x USB Stick for player uploads and firmware updates

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