Armattan SCX 200 5" FPV Racing Frame

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Data sheet

Manufacturer Armattan
Type Complete
Label SCX 200
Weight 89g
Suitable propeller 5"
Material Carbon Fiber
Frame Configuration True X
Intended Use Race
Supported Camera Types Micro Cameras (19mm), Mini Cameras (21mmii)
Arm Thickness 4mm

More info

SCX 200

The screaming fast SCX-200 is sure to make its presence felt at both professional races and informal gatherings across the world. With many design elements that adhere to functional simplicity, this frame is certain to be a success. It is the latest collaboration for those who love to fly fast and win. Let Armattan get you across the line first! Space Cowboy Drone Design is ready to shake those peach trees!


What is it?

The SCX-200 is a dedicated racing frame with many sleek and intuitive design features. Notable is the internal, flat VTX mounting configuration. This placement works in conjunction with an anti-rotation plate to create a secure and tight locking, a sandwich-type design protects the SMA connection joint. Another benefit of this approach is that the antenna will not twist or rotate into your props or anything else. The video below shows the solid construction of this approach and also highlights some other nice features like the incorporation of 30mm standoffs and a top plate that allows for the configuration of several popular VTX types.


The top plate is designed so dip switches and LED’s are visible and can be manipulated while the VTX is still in the frame. This feature will certainly be welcomed by those racing in groups. Featuring a max camera tilt of 55 degrees, even the fastest pilots should be accommodated. There are also motor wire protection ports built into the frame for those who prefer to mount their ESC’s on the bottom of the frame arms.


Armattan Lite Disclaimer

Armattan Lite frames are not lifetime warrantied; they are built for a different purpose. They will, however, be priced accordingly (read: very competitively). Armattan Lite will offer spare parts for cheap and continue to support one of the original visions of the company; to keep guys in the air without milking them for replacements.



  • Weight: 89g
  • Configuration: True X
  • Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Motor mounting axis distance: 200mm
  • Main Plate Thickness: 4mm


Shipping Contents

  • Frame
    • 1 x 4MM Carbon Fiber Arms x41.5MM Carbon Fiber Top Plate
    • 1 x 2MM Bottom Center Plate
    • 1 x SCX Integrated PDB
    • 1 x 2MM VTX Plate
    • 1 x 2MM Anti-Rotation Plate
    • 2 x 2MM Cam Brace
    • 2 x Rubber Dimes
    • 2 x M3 Aluminum Thumbscrews
    • 2 x 5MM M2 Bolts
    • 2 x M2 Washers
    • 6 x Sunknuts
    • 2 x 7MM M3 Bolts
    • 4 x 10MM M3 Metal Bolts [PDB]
    • 4 x 12MM M3 Metal Bolts [Bottom Center Plate]
    • 4 x 12MM M3 Nylon Bolts
    • 4 x 6MM M3 M/F Nylon Standoffs
    • M3 Nylon Nuts
    • 4 x 30MM M3 Profiled Standoffs [Top Center Plate]
    • 16 x 7MM M3 Metal Bolts [motors]
    • 4 x 7MM M3 Metal Bolts [Top Plate]


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