Diopter Sets for FatShark Goggles


Diopter Sets for FatShark Goggles

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Includes 3 sets of diopter lenses that will fit in the new FatShark goggles to help correct for myopic (near sighted) vision.


Allows users that normally wear glasses to see far away to use the FatShark goggles. 

Compatible with FatShark Attitude, Dominator, Predator, and BASE goggles.



  • Set:  -2, -4, and -6 dpt lenses


Shipping Contents

  • 1 x Diopter Sets for FatShark Goggles
    • 2 x -2 dpt
    • 2 x -4 dpt
    • 2 x -6 dpt



Note: people that only need reading glasses typically do not need any lens correction for the goggles since the "virtual" image appears to be some distance away.

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