BetaFPV F3 Brushed FC (FrSky Rx + OSD)


BetaFPV F3 Brushed flight controller with integrated OSD and FrSky receiver for Tiny Whoops

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This F3 brushed flight controller was specifically designed for Tiny Whoops by BetaFPV. The flight controllers comes flashed with Betaflight and can be easily setup over the USB port with the computer or the integrated OSD. The OSD also projects every necessary information like Lipo voltage and flight time directly onto your video feet.

Target: BetaflightF3


The FC comes also with an integrated FrSky D8 receiver. If you are using a standard EU LBT Taranis, simply enable the D8 mode over the OPEN TX companion.


BetaFPV F3 Top  
BetaFPV F3 Bottom

Betaflight OSD 

The integrated OSD works with the Betaflight OSD function. This allows you to modify and change the parameters you want to have shown in your OSD on your video goggles. The Betaflight OSD also allows you to simply change any necassary settings like PID's, Rates, Filters etc. over the video feet.


Connecting cam and VTX

You will find 2 connecting pads on the the flight controller called Video In and Video Out. The video signal goes from the camera to the Video In pad on the FC and the Video Out pad of the FC goes to the Video In Signal of the VTX. Some AIO cams with integrated VTX are equipped with a video input as also a video output. If your AIO cam does not support a video input and output you can seperate the cam and vtx with the "mullet mod".


BetaFPV OSD Anschluss


Status Led

The FC can show the FC power, FC status and receiver status with the help of 3 leds. The FC status and power LED are on the upper side and the receiver stauts LED is on the lower side of the FC.




Receiver LED ( red )


connected / bind mode

Receiver LED ( red )


not connected

Power LED ( blue )



Status LED ( red )





FrSky Receiver 

The built in Frsky receiver is compatible with the Taranis, the Horus as also to the XJT Modules by FrSky. For connecting the Receiver with your radio controller make sure the protocol is set into D8 Mode. If you are having an EU LBT FrSky radio controller, simply reflash the latest FW on the radio with the OpenTX Companion and make sure to uncheck the eu box in your radio profile before flashing. This procedure will enable the D8 mode.


To increase the range of your integrated FrSky receiver, upright the antenna and make sure that it doesn't touch the flight controller.




The flight controller goes along with all Tiny Whoop frames, the Cockroach frame, the BetaFPV frames and the original Blade Inductrix. If you want to fit the BetaFPV FC on the Eachine E010 or the E011 you need to modify the frame.



Shipping contents

  • 1 x BetaFPV F3 Brushed FC (FrSky RX + OSD)
  • 4 x M1.2x4mm screws (Stock Inductrix Frame)
  • 4 x M1.4x5mm srews (BetaFPV Frames)
  • 4 x Anti-Vibration dampener
  • 1 x 55mm PH-JST 1.25 battery pigtail

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