Lumenier Digital RGB Arm LED Board


The Lumenier Digital RGB Arm LED Stick is designed to work in tandem with the Lumenier RGB Tail or Cleanflight based firmware.

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The Lumenier Digital RBG Arm LED board is a universal addressible array of RBG LEDs. The board has 4 super bright RBG LEDs installed that can work directly with the Lumenier RGB LED Tail or to a flight controller with Cleanflight LED control software. The LEDs need 5V, ground and a signal source in order to work.


The Layout of the PCB board keeps wiring clean and neat with input and output pads on the same end of the board. This way each arm on your aircraft can have a LED board with the wiring pointing to the middle.



  • Length: 32mm
  • Width: 10mm
  • Weight: 1g
  • Input Voltage: 5V (over 5V will burn the LEDs)
  • 1mm thick PCB, 1.75mm including LEDs
  • Input and Ouput signal pads on the same end for clean wiring


Shipping Contents

  • 1 x Lumenier Digital RGB Arm LED board
  • 1 x Four Wire Flat Cable

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