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ISDT K4 400W AC / 600W DC Dual Smart Charger


AC/DC dual mode dual channel Smart charger. Powerful charger for 1-8S LiPo batteries

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Size 176x183x57mm
Manufacturer ISDT
Weight 1230g
Operation Temp. -20-60°C
Charge Current 0.2~20.0A ×2
Discharge Current 0.2~3.0A ×2
Max. Charge Capacity 400W AC / 600W DC x 2
Max. Discharge Capacity 30W ×2
Balancing Current 1.5A/Cell Max
Operating Voltage (Input) AC 100~240V / DC 10~34V

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This charger's maximum charging power is 400W(AC) and 600W(DC) x2. High-power dual-channel, the two channels are independent and do not interfere with each other. You can choose AC input or DC input to meet the needs of different scenarios. The output power in AC mode is 400W, and the output power in DC mode is 600Wx2.



  • AC and DC Input
  • Two Charging Outputs
  • 400W total charging power (AC), 600W charging power per output (DC)
  • Discharge power 2x 30W
  • Max charging current 35A
  • Operating voltage: 100 - 240 V AC or 10 - 34 V DC
  • Intuitive Menu
  • Supported Batt. Type
    • 1-8 Cells
      • Lithium-Polymer (LiPo) 
      • Lithium-Eisen (Li-Fe)
      • Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion)
    • 1-7 Cells
      • High Voltage Lithium-Polymer (LiHv)
      • Ultra-High Voltage Lithium-Polymer (ULiHv)
    • 1-18 Cells
      • Nickel-Metallhydrid (NiMH)
      • Nickel-Kadmium (NiCd)
    • 1-14 Cells
      • Lead–acid battery (Pb)


Shipping Contents

  • 1 x ISDT K4 400W AC / 600W DC Dual Smart Charger

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